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Our product is a guarantee of your income!

Phuket9 has been operating since 2004. This is a considerable age for a developer and management company. The assets of the company include hotels, condominiums, villas, infrastructure facilities, which are reliable investment products that have been bringing investors a stable income for 15 years. The most important element of our success is an impeccable reputation, backed by numbers, reviews and projects we have built. Phuket9 gives you the opportunity to build mutually beneficial partnerships with us. By becoming an official agent of our company, you will have the opportunity to sell and rent real estate that will bring maximum satisfaction to your new owners. Explore our short guide and start making money on real estate today.

Work with a team of professionals - become part of the dynamically developing island of Phuket! Our product is the key to your success and income!

Today we are ready to provide agent support in 4 languages: English, Russian, Chinese and Thai. We will provide you with a complete set of promotional materials and a basic set of knowledge in the field of selling foreign investment property. Even if you have absolutely no experience in this area, it is never too late to start getting it.

Agent Career in Phuket9 Real Estate Development

A career as an agent is a challenging but interesting path. Based on our own experience, we have formed 5 qualities that a real estate agent who successfully works with Phuket9 should have:

  • Politeness and restraint
  • Thorough product knowledge
  • Competent speech and intelligence
  • Possession of modern technologies
  • Willingness to constantly evolve

How it works?

The structure of the developer's work with large agencies and with freelance agents is about the same. The agent finds a potentially interested client, carries out preparatory work and brings the client to the deal. The developer, in turn, pays the agent a commission for the closed deal. The skill of an agent is directly related to the size of the commission. For example, an agent who closes one transaction in a year receives a much lower commission than an agent who works regularly and closes a large number of transactions. As a rule, the bulk of the agent's work is completed at the moment the buyer makes a reservation payment, after which the sale price is fixed, and the developer proceeds to draw up the purchase and sale documents.


At the same time, neither the agent nor the buyer is necessarily currently in Phuket. The modern global world allows you to conclude transactions remotely and receive documents for signature with the help of express delivery companies. Phuket9 cooperates with agents all over the world: in China, Russia, Ukraine, Europe and the USA. It doesn't matter where you are, what matters is that you are selling a reliable and quality product.

Sergei Shaliapin (Phuket9 Top Sales Agent)

Phuket9 provides customers with a quality service for the sale and management of real estate. They constantly keep within the stated construction timeframes and fulfill their obligations.

Who can be an agent?

Anyone can become an agent of the company. We are ready to teach to share experience and provide all the information necessary for the sale.

To get started, we strongly recommend that you study all the information on our official website. We tried to collect in one place all the necessary data on our own projects, as well as in-depth market analysis and information about projects under construction on the island of Phuket.

Try to carefully study the specifics of real estate in Phuket, investment programs, geographic features, developer companies, legal framework and regulations. Remember, the depth of your knowledge as an agent is your main starting capital.

We cooperate only with registered legal entities that operate in accordance with the laws of the country of residence. All mutual settlements are made on the basis of bank transfers for issued invoices.

The concluded agency agreement is the guarantor of the two-way fulfillment of obligations.

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ดูวีดีโอ เพื่อรู้จักเรามากขึ้น

Agent Start Tools Kit & Guide

For your convenience, we have developed a starter set of knowledge and skills to help you in your future career as a real estate agent.

We offer this guide to action for both newbies and agents with serious experience in their home country. The fact is that resort real estate and the legislation of the Kingdom of Thailand have their own specifics, which will not be easy to understand without professional support.

Having studied our short guide, you can easily navigate the real estate market in Phuket, determine the further vector of development and work on becoming a sales leader at a certain moment.