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11 Oct 2022

In September 2021, a new educational institution, the Rawai Park School, opened on the territory of the famous children's entertainment complex Rawai Park in Phuket. The project was the first infrastructure project of this kind for the Phuket9 developer company. In this article, we will tell you why the school has become truly outstanding, and why you and your children should visit.

The demand for quality education has no geographical or political boundaries at all. The dream of every parent is to provide their child with an interesting, exciting, and effective learning process. It was these principles that guided us in the process of developing the future school.

The initial (and subsequently embodied) idea was to develop a school that would work in the widest possible range of educational services; a combination of bilingual and intensive lessons in the exact sciences without overwhelming students, with a strictly limited number of students, professional teachers, and that would not devoid an individual approach to each of our students.

School curriculum

Forming the school's core curriculum was the first test for the organizational group. Most of Phuket's international schools tend to follow a specific curriculum, providing no alternatives to the core process and only offering time-limited electives. Since children from the countries of the former USSR became a significant audience of the school, focusing exclusively on the most popular Cambridge program seemed insufficient.

As a result, our own (and, in our opinion, absolutely unique) curriculum was developed, combining the Cambridge program (60% of the total teaching hours), the Mathematical program of the Republic of Singapore (20%), and the basic program adopted by the Russian Ministry of Education (20%).

The dominant part of "Cambridge" allowed us to focus heavily on the study of English and basic educational subjects including current and extracurricular activities.

Singapore Mathematics was chosen because of its absolute leading position on the educational map of the world. The methods of teachers from Singapore have been proving their effectiveness at international competitions for many years and show impressive scores on entrance tests at top universities around the world.

Russian program. The original plan was to provide native speakers with sufficient academic support to maintain communication, as gradual “forgetting” is quite common among Russian-speaking children who have been studying in international schools in Phuket for a long time. Gradually, children completely switch to English, as it is easier for them to communicate with peers from other countries. However, in practice, the introduction of the Russian program has shown extensive interest on the part of children for whom Russian is not their native language.

Basic lessons at school

Based on the developed program, a curriculum was adopted, which is implemented according to the student's year of study in the following disciplines:

  • English reading
  • English writing
  • English spoken
  • English literature
  • English poetry
  • Mathematics (Singapore)
  • Algebra (Singapore)
  • Geometry (Singapore)
  • Science: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy, Astronomy
  • World history
  • Geography
  • Informatics and technology
  • Art and design
  • Swimming
  • Physical Culture
  • IGCSE (high school exam preparation)
  • Russian language
  • Literature and reading (in Russian)
  • Mathematics (in Russian)
  • Music and singing

Main school language and adaptation

The main language of the entire educational program of the Rawai Park School is English. It holds 80% of all study hours and almost 100% of extracurricular activities. The main concern of parents whose children do not even speak basic English is the process of adapting the child to a new environment. To remove these fears and concerns, we have developed a methodology for the gradual introduction of English in the learning process for beginners. Thanks to the attentive approach on the part of teachers and the friendly support of students, the adaptation period rarely exceeds two months, after which most of our students who previously did not speak English are already fluent at a basic level.

It is important to note; the language environment affects the child rapidly and most effectively. None of the courses and lessons in countries where there is NO language environment can be compared in terms of the effectiveness of the interaction in a team.Учителя школы и стиль образования 

School teachers and education style

The teaching staff of Rawai Park School are professional teachers with specialized education and significant work experience. Courses in English are taught exclusively by native speakers from the UK, the US, and Europe. When choosing each candidate for the position of teacher in our school, in addition to a high level of skill and mastery of the subject, special attention is paid to the psychological skills of the mentor, as an educator and friend of students. This is what made it possible to create an indescribable atmosphere of care and comfort, allowing the child to go to school with joy and desire. The very principle of “coercion” to education is unacceptable for the school and runs counter to our educational policy. Each of the teachers carefully works on the attractiveness of his/her (often very complex) subject and allows you to build the process on enthusiasm, allowing for quick and tangible benefits for the child and the knowledge gained. The presence of a significant number of practical exercises provides a close and indestructible connection with the theoretical routine, showing children the visibility and applicability of knowledge in a particular subject.

Creative education

The creative component of learning and the child's need for self-expression is an essential part of the educational process. It is a clear balance between diligent study and bright creative projects that allows our students to perceive school as a place that gives not only knowledge but also focuses on the development of a range of emotions and social development.

Music classes are conducted in a traditional academic manner (e.g. the classical piano) and in the form of creating an authentic musical experience. For this purpose, we have built a recording studio with little or no equivalent in Phuket, equipped with professional studio recording equipment, premium musical instruments and a vocal studio.

During the year, children engage in sports, dancing, aerobics, and theatrical art. Theatrical concerts and performances of the children's organized groups and clubs are showcased several times a year.

Geography and plan of the school

The two main educational campuses of the school are located in the Rawai area in Phuket, on the territory of the Rawai VIP Villas family complex and the Rawai Park children's entertainment complex. The famous Rawai Promenade is just 300 meters away.

Набережная Раваи

The main educational building houses educational classrooms, reception, and a small library. The second academic building offers a choreographic classroom and concert venue, an applied arts and design studio, and music and sound recording studio.

The school includes a swimming pool and a sports court for mini-football, tennis, basketball and volleyball.

Daily routine and nutrition

School hours Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Schedule of lessons and breaks:

09:00 - 10:30 first module with a short break between two lessons.

10:30 - 10:45 second breakfast.

10:45 - 12:15 second training module with a short break between lessons.

12:15 - 13:15 lunch.

13:15 - 15:00 third training module with a short break between lessons.

15:00 - 15:15 afternoon snack.

15:15 - 17:00 fourth training module with a short break between lessons.

Food for the schoolchildren is provided by the Love Rawai Cafe & Restaurant. The menu consists of a balanced meal combining the traditions of Russian, European and adapted Thai cuisines. The menu regularly includes seasonal fruits and vegetables that ensure daily nutritional requirements are met. The cooking club, which is especially popular with schoolchildren, prepare dishes from different countries, under the close supervision of teachers and kitchen staff, whereupon they proudly treat their parents to these delights.

The teaching load is carefully distributed depending on the age of the students. For example, kids (year 1,2 & 3 students) are offered more entertainment elements, such as a daily visit to the kids club in Rawai Park, where there are mazes, a significant number of toys and attractions.

Education at the Rawai Park School is conducted in trimesters.

Study schedule for the 2022-2023 academic year:

I - from September 1 to December 16 (weekly holidays from October 17 to October 21)

Christmas and New Year holidays from December 17th to January 6th

II - from January 9th to April 7th (weekly holidays from February 20 to 24)

Spring break from April 10th to 21st

III - from April 24th to June 30th


Summer holidays from July 1st to August 31st

Who and how can get to our school?

The school accepts students between the ages of 5 and 16. The level of English does not matter.

Tuition fee and payment schedule

The cost is 30,000 baht per student, when paid monthly.

When paying in advance for a semester, there is a 5% discount and a further 10% discount for annual payments.

For additional children in the same family, there is a further 5% discount for each child.

How to contact us?

To get to know us, visit the school for a personalized and informative tour. You can contact the school coordinator on WhatsApp to make an appointment.


Alternatively, you can send your appointment request by email:


What else?

To ensure maximum quality of life, additionally, we can offer accommodation in secure, luxurious and comfortable family villas, located just 50 meters from the school. Villas consisting of 2, 3 or 6 bedrooms are available for rent, fully equipped with household appliances, a kitchen, a washing machine and a private swimming pool.

For information on villas, contact our reservations department on WhatsApp:


Or send your request by email:


And is that really all?

No. Very soon, the largest trampoline centre in the south of Phuket will open in the park adjacent to the school, where additional sports activities for students will be held, including birthday parties, and other holiday activities.

And finally, in 2023, an educational hostel will open, where high school students will be able to stay on a full-board basis and attend school.

We invite you to book your tour, get acquainted with our staff, and experience the advantages of our school first-hand. We wholeheartedly welcome you to Rawai, Phuket!

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